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My name is Courtney Cady. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband Corey and our dog and cat. I've been a full-time nanny for the past 7 years, and over that time I’ve realized my passion for helping families is by organizing the chaos that is life. I experienced first hand the need for a helping hand in restoring calm in a family that is always on the go. I created Coco Coordinated, because I’ve always had a passion for neat, organized spaces and as it turns out I’m really good at it! I can help you rethink your space to better serve your needs as a family and to help you thrive!

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For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned

-Benjamin Franklin

My Services

Craft Areas
Home Offices

Home Offices
Relocation Unpacking
And everything in between...


In-Home Consultation

A 45-60 minute meeting where we walk around your space + discuss your wants, needs, and goals.

This consultation is a $30 flat fee.

Organization Hourly Rate

$60/hr - Minimum of 3 hours is required to book a session.

Shopping for Supplies

$30/hr - You may also choose to do this yourself.

My Process

Coco Coordinated was created to help busy moms (and dads!) restore calm to their homes one item at a time. We do this by creating simple, custom, organized spaces where families can thrive!

1. Purge + Categorize (we will never get rid of anything without clients say so)

2. Space Plan + Measure

3. Shop - First we will shop your home; you may already own organizational items already! If we need additional items to complete the process I will always have your budget and goals in mind.

4. Implement - This is when it all comes together! I will create an organizing system unique to you and your families needs.

General Policies

Payment is due on the day of services. Supply costs are additional.

Cancellation Policy

24 Hour notice required for cancellations. A fee will be assessed for cancellations made within 24 hours.

Payment Methods

Cash and Checks accepted. A $35 fee will be charged for any returned check.


Referrals are a very important part of my company's success and I want to recognize those who have referred my services. For any person that you send my way that becomes a client, I will reward you with a $25 Starbucks gift card!

Restore Your Calm - Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation!

We will discuss what you like and do not like about your space, your goals, and your budget.

Serving Indianapolis and Surrounding Area

Get Ahead

After our initial consult, please review the contract/waiver to save time!

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